Why Us

At Trans Continental Medical Products Limited (TCMPL), we strive to maintain our status as a respected distributor of medical diagnostic reagents, automated diagnostic machines, surgical devices and medical consumables in the Caribbean region. These are just a few of the many reasons why our clients continue to choose TCMPL:

  • High quality products at affordable prices. TCMPL has always provided the highest quality medical products at affordable prices, ensuring high returns on investments for our clients. We continue to prioritize maximum quality levels and reasonable price points in our product lines.
  • Life-saving tests sanctioned by governmental agencies. Our company is the sole distributor of Determine HIV and Unigold HIV, the only two HIV rapid diagnostic tests that have been sanctioned for use in the region by the Caribbean government. We also distribute the only testing for dengue and leptospirosis that is sanctioned by governmental agencies for use in the Caribbean region. These life-saving tests allow health care providers to offer higher quality medical services.
  • Consistent innovation & strategic growth. At TCMPL, we are an industry leader in medical products distribution throughout the Caribbean. We are consistently implementing new strategies for innovation in our services and growth in our core markets.
  • A dedication to enhancing the quality of life in the Caribbean. Our mission at TCMPL is enhancing the quality of life in the region we serve. We strive to aid the Caribbean population through superior medical products that allow health care providers to improve the quality of their medical services for underserved communities.