Posted by admin on May 15th, 2014


Introducing the Tri-stat, a new Point of Care HbA1c device that offers rapid, precise analysis in a simple and highly cost effective manner. Using boronate affinity technology and a two phase optical system, three samples can be analysed simultaneously and all three results reported in just 10 minutes.

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Fast, Easy & Safe
Performance highlights include:

  • Up to three samples can be run simultaneously,
  • Just 3.5 µl whole blood required (finger stick or venous EDTA/Heparin),
  • Minimal operator intervention – simply add sample & run.
The Boronate Affinity Advantage

Boronate affinity technology utilises covalent binding of all cis-diols of glucose to hemoglobin using a boronate matrix. This specific binding allows the complete separation of the glycated and non-glycated haemoglobin fractions.

Overall this provides a patient result with:

  • No interference from practically all abnormal hemoglobins,
  • Consistent performance with no calibration required,
  • The security that glycated haemoglobin is measured accurately every time.
Accurate & Precise

In line with the ADA/EASD/IDF Working Group on HbA1c recent guidelines for reporting HbA1c, the Tri-stat is certified to report in the following units:

  • IFCC (mMol HbA1c/mol Hb),
  • NGSP (% HbA1c).