Gram Stain Kit Advanced

Posted by admin on November 15th, 2017


This Gram Stain Kit is an essential in any microbiology laboratory, as one of the first steps toward identification of microorganisms from cultures or specimens, utilizing the differential Gram method. Hardy Diagnostics’ Gram Stain Kit Advanced produces Gram stains with brighter more distinct colours.



Features & Benefits:

  • Create vivid Gram positives:
    Gram positive organisms retain their deep blue stain; even those that are easily decolorized, such as Bacillus spp. You don’t need to worry about over decolorizing
  • Brighten Gram negatives:
    Gram negative organisms will appear brighter with better definition at the edges. The stained cells are less likely to be over-washed. Anaerobes, especially Fusobacterium spp. will be a darker red than with conventional stains. You will also notice a marked improvement with other Gram negatives, such as Neisseria spp.
  • Differentiate mixed cultures:
    When mixed on a slide, Gram positives and negatives will be easier to distinguish, due to an overall brighter stain.
  • Save time:
    No mixing or breaking of ampules is required. All stains are ready-to-use and have a two year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Kit includes:

  • Hucker’s Crystal Violet
  • Iodine, stabilized
  • Decolorizer, Fast
  • Counterstain, Advanced

Ordering Information

GK400A Gram Stain Kit, Advanced HDx, 4x8oz OR