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Teco Diagnostics’ Glucose (Oxidase) liquid reagent is used for the kinetic quantitative determination of total glucose in human serum.  Based in the USA, all of TECO’s manufacturing processes are FDA regulated and comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) regulations.

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Glucose is the major carbohydrate present in the peripheral blood and the determination of its concentration aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Elevated levels glucose levels may be associated with pancreatitis, pituitary or thyroid disfunction, renal failure and liver disease, whereas low glucose levels may be associated with insulinoma, hypopituitaryism, neoplasms, or insulin induced hypoglycemia.


Ordering Information:

Catalog # Product/Method Liquid/Powder Packaging
G516-150 Glucose Hexokinase, Liquid* L 150 mL
G518-150 Glucose Hexokinase* P 10 X 15 mL
G518-400 Glucose Hexokinase* P 8 X 50 mL
G519-250 Glucose Oxidase Trinder* P 5 X 250 mL
G519-1L Glucose Oxidase Trinder* P 4 X 250 mL
G520-30 Glucose Oxidase Liquid* L 30 mL
G520-480 Glucose Oxidase Liquid* L 4 X 120 mL
G521-480 Glucose Hex. Single Liquid* L 4 X 120 mL


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