Clearview® Mono

Posted by admin on May 14th, 2014


The Clearview® MONO test is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay used to detect infectious mononucleosis heterophile antibodies in whole blood, serum and plasma to aid in diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis. Infectious mononucleosis (IM) can resemble more serious infections that demand urgent treatment, so it is important to quickly and accurately diagnosis.

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Product exclusively available for export to select markets.

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  • Fast: Two-step test provides positive results in 5 minutes or less
  • Easy: Easy-to-use test
  • Reliable: Built-in control ensures accuracy
  • Flexible: Test can be used with multiple sample types—whole blood, serum, or plasma



  • Order # 92401
  • Results in 5 minutes or less
  • Uses whole blood, serum, or plasma
  • 98% sensitivity for all samples
  • >99% specificity for all samples