Clearview® H. pylori

Posted by admin on May 14th, 2014


Clearview® H. pylori is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay test for use with whole blood, serum, or plasma used to detect antibodies to H. pylori and to aid in diagnosing H. pylori infection.

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Product exclusively available for export to select markets.

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  • Accurate and sensitive: Clearview® H. pylori detects H. pyloriwith 93 percent sensitivity and 90 percent accuracy
  • Rapid: The test yields results in 10 minutes
  • Convenient: The test is simple to use and interpret and includes a reliable, built-in assay control
  • Flexible: can be used with serum, plasma or whole blood


  • Sensitivity 93%
  • Specificity 89.2%
  • Accuracy 90.7%
  • CLIA-waived (US only)
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Kit Size=20 tests