Clearview® Exact Influenza A&B

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Clearview® Exact Influenza A & B is a rapid diagnostic test for the qualitative detection and differentiation of Influenza A and B virus antigen directly from nasal swabs. The test is used to aid in the diagnosis of Influenza infection. This is a rapid immunoassay test with results in just 15 minutes.

Not available for sale in the United States.

Product exclusively available for export to select markets.

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Rapid diagnosis of influenza A and B has become more important due to the availability of effective antiviral therapy. Rapid diagnosis of influenza using the Clearview® Exact Influenza A & B test can lead to:

  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Reduced antimicrobial use
  • Reduced cost of hospital care

The benefits from using the Clearview® Exact Influenza A & B rapid test include:

  • Simple to use: minimal training required.
  • Convenient: Contains all you need to perform a flu test. No additional accessory packs are required.
  • Clear: Clear results, simple interpretation
  • Fast: Results available in just 15 minutes
  • Easy: Requires no hands-on time
  • Reliable: Provides accurate results and includes built-in controls



Influenza A 
Clearview® Exact Influenza A&B correlation with RT-PCR
Sensitivity 81.7%
Specificity 98.5%

Influenza B
Clearview® Exact Influenza A&B correlation with RT-PCR
Sensitivity 88.6%
Specificity 97.4%

  • Store test at room temperature – 15-30°C
  • Lateral flow test
  • 15 minute read time
  • Nasal swab sample type
  • Shelf life – 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Part numbers: 20 Tests 506761, 5 Tests 506834 Kit Contains:

  • Pouched Devices
  • Swab Extraction Reagent
  • Nasal Foam Swabs
  • Cardboard Workstation
  • Positive and Negative Control Swabs
  • Package Insert
  • Procedure Card


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