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Teco Diagnostics’ Cholesterol Liquid reagent is used for the quantitative determination of total cholesterol in human serum. Based in the USA, all TECO’s manufacturing processes are FDA regulated and comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) regulations.

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in blood, bile and brain tissue. It serves as a precursor to bile acids, steroids and vitamin D. The determination of serum cholesterol is a major aid in the diagnosis and classification of Lipemias and other conditions which affect cholesterol levels such as hepatic thyroid diseases.


Ordering Information:

Catalog # Product/Method Liquid/Powder Packaging
C507-30 Cholesterol Liquid* L 30 mL
C507-200 Cholesterol Liquid* L 2 x 100 mL
C507-480 Cholesterol Liquid* L 4 X 120 mL
C509-150 Cholesterol* P 10 X15 mL
C509-400 Cholesterol* P 8 X 50 mL
C509-1L Cholesterol* P 4 X 250 mL



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