BUN (Urea Nitrogen)

Posted by admin on October 25th, 2016


Teco Diagnostics’ Urea nitrogen (BUN) reagent is used for the kinetic quantitative determination of Urea Nitrogen (BUN) in human serum. Based in the USA, all of TECO’s manufacturing processes are FDA regulated and comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) regulations.

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Urea is the principal waste product of protein catabolism and its concentration in the blood is an important indicator of liver and kidney function. Decreased BUN levels are usually associated with nephritis, acute liver destruction, amyloidosis and pregnancy. Elevated BUN levels are usually associated with chronic nephritis, intestinal and urinary obstruction, uremia, metallic poisoning, pneumonia, Addison’s disease, peritonitis, surgical shock and cardiac failure. BUN testing forms an integral part of monitoring and therapy for patients with any of these conditions.


Odering Information:

Catalog # Product/Method Liquid/Powder Packaging
B549-150 BUN, Kinetic Liquid* L 150 mL
B550-240 BUN, Kinetic* P 20 X 12 mL
B550-400 BUN, Kinetic* P 8 X 50 mL
B551-66 BUN, Urease, Color Endpoint* L 66 Tests
B551-132 BUN, Urease, Color Endpoint* L 132 Tests
B554-480 BUN Single Liquid Kinetic* L 4 X 120 mL



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