Alere Pima™ CD4 Cartridge

Posted by admin on May 6th, 2014


Alere Pima™ CD4 Cartridges are a breakthrough technology that, in combination with the Alere Pima™ Analyser, help to provide absolute CD4 lymphocyte (T-helper cell) counts within 20 minutes.

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The Alere Pima™ CD4 Cartridge uses whole-blood samples to identify T-helper cells.


  • Easy on the patient: Requires only a small amount of blood allowing for fingerstick or venous whole-blood samples.
  • Easy to use: All test reagents are sealed within the single-use disposable test cartridge.
  • Rapid: Results are available within 20 minutes.
  • Uses lab or point-of-care samples
  • No sample transfers, no time spent preparing sample
  • No risk of sample cross-contamination
  • No cold chain storage
  • No risk of contaminating the Alere Pima™ Analyser with sample during the test run



  • 25μL of venous or fingerstick whole blood
  • No manual sample handling or processing
  • Single-use disposable cartridge with all dried reagents
  • Sample processing automatically performed in sealed cartridge