Alere NMP22® Test

Posted by admin on May 6th, 2014


The Alere NMP22® Test Kit is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for the in vitro quantitative determination of the nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA) in stabilized voided urine. NuMA is an abundant component of the nuclear matrix proteins (NMP22).

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Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22) is a common protein found in the nucleus of all cells. Bladder cancer cells release NMP22 into urine. Even at the earliest stages of the disease, elevated levels of NMP22 can be detected using an NMP22-specific assay, making it a marker for early diagnosis and monitoring in conjunction with standard diagnostic procedures.3

Early detection of Bladder Cancer is the key to improving chances of survival. Our test is an adjunct to cystoscopy and improved the combined detection rate for Bladder Cancer and had in general better sensitivity compared to cytology.1


The Alere NMP22® Test Kit is an enzyme immunoassay in a 96-well microplate format. The antibodies contained in this assay recognize the head domain of NuMA, nuclear mitotic apparatus protein. NuMA has been shown to be present in malignant tissues at levels more than ten times higher than in normal tissue.2 The assay is designed to quantify NMP22 in stabilized voided urine.



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