Alere NMP22® EIA Test

Posted by admin on May 6th, 2014


The Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Control Kit is designed to provide users of the Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Test with additional optional quality controls for operating the test.

Product exclusively available for export to select markets.

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 The Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Control Kit consists of a Negative and a Positive Control for use as an external control for the Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Test. These external controls test for the functional reactivity of the capture and gold conjugated monoclonal antibodies in the test device. The Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Test Controls will not detect an error in the patient testing procedure. Refer to the Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Test package insert for additional information.


Control kit contains: 1 positive and 1 negative control to be used with the Alere NMP22® BladderChek® Kit.