Alere Determine™ HBsAg

Posted by admin on April 28th, 2014


By detecting early markers of Hepatitis B infection, the Alere Determine™ HBsAg helps to diagnose acute infection and confirm chronic infection – allowing healthcare professionals to initiate prompt and appropriate follow-up action for infected patients.

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Easy to use and highly flexible, the Alere Determine™ HBsAg requires minimal training, no equipment and can be relied upon for fast, accurate diagnosis in the most basic of healthcare settings.

Refrigeration storage is not required with the Alere Determine™ HBsAg and it has built in flexibility to be used with whole blood or serum/plasma, collected either by a fingerstick or venous puncture.


  • Sensitivity: 95.16%
  • Specificity: 99.95%

Product Information

  • Method: Lateral flow
  • Time to result: 15 minutes
  • Storage Conditions: 2-30˚ C
  • Shelf-life: 18 months
  • Sample Type: Serum/Plasma/whole blood


Serum and Plasma 100 test – 7D2543

Whole Blood 100 test – 7D2553*

Chase Buffer – 7D2243

EDTA capillaries – 7D2222


* For Whole Blood please order Chase Buffer